Friday, 14 January 2011

Little wallet and purses for Mum

My mum came to visit us for 6 weeks. We always look forward to her visits eagerly. She lives in Malaysia and tries to visit us every year. This year her visit coincided with the first snowfall of the winter we've had in our part of the UK. The first day it snowed, she was as eager as the kids to get outdoors to play in it! (That's mum in the purple jacket and lilac hat.)

We bought the kids their first sledge which created a lot of excitement and came in very useful when collecting Missy Moo from Nursery and getting her and the shopping home. The kids now ask me on a regular basis when it will next snow so we can go find a slope for them to ride the sledge on.

Whilst she was here, Mum wanted me to make her a purse / credit card wallet. Her requirements were that it needed to be small and not too bulky. So the first wallet I made her was this one based on A Spoonful of Sugar's Scrappy loyalty card wallet. I really like this and might make one for myself.

She thought it was lovely but not quite what she wanted - perhaps something with a zip? So then I made her this simple little zippered pouch. It's just about big enough to take 3 - 4 cards. Perfect for coins too.

Still not quite there yet she says - she wondered if I could maybe make something with a velcro closure? So I made her this ...

Yep - that was perfect. Her next question was - "Can I keep them all?"
She took them all home to Malaysia with her.


  1. No wonder she wanted them all, they are beautiful. I love the fabrics you've used. I'd like to make one with a zip - did you use a pattern for this or did you make it up as you went along?

  2. Thanks Wendy. For other friends who might be interested in the answer to your question: there are a lot of zippered pouch tutorials online like this one:
    or this one:
    This one is more like how I make mine as I do top-stitch by the zip:
    or even this lovely one:

    I recently did a demo with a craft group at work and we used this cute tutorial
    as it didn't require a sewing machine.

    I used the principles in these (the process of making these pouches are all pretty much the same really) but worked out what size I wanted mine to be when it is finished and drew out a paper pattern, adding on a half inch seam allowance all around. The pattern is just a square. If you're making a teeny one, you'll probably not be able to do the little tabs at the end of the zips like Flossie Teacakes does in her tutorial.

    If you're not worried about the placement of the zip (eg you don't mind the zip in the centre instead of at the top), have a look at my Stuffy tutorial here

  3. Ady - these look lovely and I'm really not surprised that she wanted all of them!!!

    I'm just about to try to find a good card wallet pattern to go with a bag for my mother-in-law's birthday in March. Something like the first one you made for your Mum but bigger. Must try to finish the bag first though - the handles have been waiting to be attached all week and I just can't get motivated *sigh*

  4. Oh, Ady. I love, love the wallet. My daughter's been asking for a wallet to keep her tooth fairy money in. I'm thinking this will be perfect for her.

  5. Fiona - I can't wait to see your bag - so git sewing! ;-)

    Hi Rachel. Thanks. I made my niece a little pocket money purse - they work well for little hands. I'll post it shortly.


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