Saturday, 22 January 2011

Kawaii zippered pouches

I love cute Japanese fabrics ... love love LOVE them!! They are pretty hard to find in the UK but there are several sellers on Etsy who have some nice ones. I made these up for friends and family.

They aren't very big - I bought the fabric from a seller on Etsy and the pieces were pre-cut to 5.5" x 6". The finished purses are roughly 5" x 5.5". I lined them with a red dotty quilting cotton.

They make me happy and I hope they make their new owners happy too.
Have a great weekend, friends.


  1. I love cute Japanese fabric too! And I love the purses!

  2. They're supercute! You've gotta love such happy fabrics.

  3. LOVE these! Do you have a tutorial for them? I'm scared of zippers but think I might like to try making some little bags to get the hang of them. :)

  4. Thanks Fiona. Thanks Cam.

    Hi Tiffany! Thanks for the comment.There are a lot of zippered pouch tutorials online like this one:
    or this one:
    This one is more like how I make mine as I do top-stitch by the zip:
    or even this lovely one:
    I recently did a demo with a craft group at work and we used this cute tutorial
    as it didn't require a sewing machine.
    If you're not worried about the placement of the zip (eg you don't mind the zip in the centre instead of at the top), have a look at my
    Stuffy tutorial here
    Hope this helps!
    Happy sewing.


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