Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Fold-away shopping bags with a small addition

My mum loved the fold-away shopping bag a lot. She asked me to make her two of them but she wanted a small addition. She wanted little carry straps so she could loop the folded-up bag over her wrist. So I made her these.

The little straps are made from 10 inch x 2 inch bits of fabric folded into themselves and stitched along each long side. The finished strap is sewn into the flap. Here's another view.

They looked really cute - like mini handbags!

This Amy Butler fabric makes me happy - it's so bright and cheerful. This is from her Love home decorating fabric range - I think it's Paradise garden. I have some more of this left in my stash just crying out to be made into a bag for myself.

This next one is in another of Amy Butler's fabrics - I think this one is from the Daisy Chain range. Also home decorating weight fabric.

I like the addition of the small strap. I might just have to make myself a few more.
I hope your week is going well, friends.


  1. That's a handy addition.

    Did your Mum need an extra suitcase for all these things you made for her?!!!

  2. This is brilliant! It's pretty and practical!

  3. Oh my goodness Ady! These are perfect! I've had an idea rattling around in my head for a little bit now to make a purse that also has a small reusable shopping bag attached. Maybe the lining would match the reusable bag or they'd be from the same fabric line so they'd match but not match, you know? I was just going to make little drawstring bags to tuck the big bags into (they'd be sewn along the inside of the big bag which may make no sense, but in my mind they're AWESOME), and use a carabiner to attach them to a loop I'd make inside the purse, but I really like the ones you've made here. Maybe instead of a wrist strap, we could just add a little loop and run the carabiner through that... oooh the brain juices are working! Do you have a tute? I'd at the very least love to give it a whirl just for myself. Though if it's as awesome as it looks, would you mind doing a little tute combo with me?

  4. Fiona - she did go home with a LOT of stuff from me!

    Thanks OnePerfectDay! :-)

    Thanks Regan! I've emailed you. :-)


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