Thursday, 20 January 2011

My creative space

I have a few bits and bobs hanging about in my creative space at the moment. There is a stack of fabric waiting to be cut into glasses cases. The sewing's been sidetracked for the moment as I work on some greeting cards.

I found a box with some card blanks, coloured cards and some Martha Stewart punches tucked away in a closet and decided to be frugal this year and make my own cards. I think my only New Year's resolution this year was to try to use up more of my stash - whether it be cloth stash, paper stash or card stash. Here's a small stack of birthday cards I have made so far.

Find out what other creative folk are up to over at Kootoyoo's blog here.

Have a creative day, friends!


  1. They look very bright and spring-like ... and much more professional than any I've ever attempted to make. I decided it wasn't my thing!!

  2. I love your cards ! I really must use up some of my paper and cards too .

  3. Thanks Fiona!
    Thanks Clare. :-)


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