Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A bit more chalk fun

Here are the last two chalk drawing photos Dinoboy and I made last weekend.

A nod to Harry Potter ...

And a moment to relax ...

I think I might try digging about in the loft for my pastel chalks from my arty days and have a go at doing more on the patio over the summer months. I am hugely inspired by these guys who do the most amazing Trompe d’oeil pieces with chalk on street pavements.

One of my favourite pavement chalk artists is Julian Beever.

Here is a link to 44 of his top pieces.

Another amazing artist is Tracy Lee Stum.

Kurt Wenner's chalk drawings are incredible too.

I also like Edgar Mueller's work.

Don't these guys (and gal) just take chalk drawings on pavements to a whole other level?

Hope you're having a good day, friends.


  1. Oh my - that chalk pavement art is amazing!

  2. Wow. That pavement art is amazing x

  3. They're good, aren't they? To think that all those hours of work going into one of those pavement paintings and it just takes a small rain shower to ruin it.


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