Friday, 27 May 2011

The Viking boy

So last Friday, when I went to pick Dinoboy up from school at 5pm, he said he had a school letter for me which said that he needed to dress up as a Viking on Wednesday for a role-play session they were holding as part of their history module on Vikings. He asked if I could make him a Viking costume.

So the thinking cap went on, a bit of Google research was conducted and a swift trip to the local fabric warehouse early Saturday morning was arranged. I didn't want to spend too much and we figured that his dark (almost black) school trousers would serve as viking trousers sort of as long as we added something to it. We found a metre of brown fun fur and a piece of cheap cream calico in the bargain bin.

I used a large tshirt of Dinoboy's to draft out a quickie paper pattern for a vest and also for a tunic / shift. As we weren't looking for a fitted type of costume, big was fine. Here's the tunic.

And here's the tunic and vest together, accessorised with a wide elastic fashion belt from my wardrobe, a wooden sword from the toy box and furry leg-wraps.

The leg-wraps were just trapezoidal pieces of fun fur with black grosgrain ribbon from my stash sewn in criss-cross lines to give the illusion of bindings. I used velcro to hold them closed. This meant that he could throw them on over his school trousers at dressing up time.

The fun fur vest had shoulder seams and side seams and didn't need hemming. Yay!

On Tuesday night I was trying to convince him to let me make him a viking hat of sorts with yellow braids sewn in (LOL!!) but he was having none of that! Shame - imagine how cute he would have looked?!!


  1. He makes a very cute viking! The costume is fantastic.

  2. Well done, Ady! I wonder if other parents went to so much trouble!?!

  3. That is a seriously great costume!

  4. How clever is this costume! your son looks pretty chuffed and so he should.

  5. Dinoboy looks awesome :) What a perfect viking costume! Well done indeed.


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