Saturday, 28 May 2011

Happy birthday Missy Moo!!

This is Missy Moo a couple of weeks after she was born.

I can't believe that was 4 years ago!! When she was born, a small ... albeit very small ... tiny ... miniscule ... part of me wanted to snatch her from the midwife and stuff her back inside me to keep safe and warm and still a connected part to me. Hmmmm, on second thoughts (thoughts about cankles, thoughts about my toes being so far away and out of sight it was like they were on another continent, thoughts about the post-baby blubber I carry around like the proverbial spare tyre which I am incidentally still trying to rid myself of) .... maybe out is best after all.

She is loud, vivacious, ever so stubborn yet funny, loving and bright as a button. She loves to sing, throw a few dance shapes on the patio and harrass her big brother until he grits his teeth in exasperation. She always comes looking for me to see what I'm doing, even when I am in the littlest room of the house taking nature calls. She'll yank the door open, grin at me and say "Mommie, whatcha doin?" (I blame Isabella out of Phineas and Ferb for the constant use of "Wotcha doin?" said in a sing-song voice) She adores all things pink and princessey.

She goes to infant school in the fall - yeah, this fall!! As in September 2011!!! Waaaaahhhhhhh!!

I love this kid and I don't even want to think about or imagine the hole that's going to be left in my heart when I wave her off on her adventures in life 14 or so years time down the road. For now, I'll just enjoy the fullness of my heart.

Happy birthday, Missy Moo.


  1. She's very photogenic and her personality really comes through in the photos! Wonder where she gets the larger than life personality from?!!!! Hope she has a great birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to Missy Moo! :D Hope she had a great one! <3

  3. Yes!! I know that feeling.. yes, enjoy her... every minute of her and when it is time to wave her goodbye, you will have plenty of such happy memories to keep you company.

    Happy Happy birthday Missy Moo!!

    ps, she looks gorgeous!!

  4. Happy birthday kiddo! She is adorable! Enjoy..time really does fly by!


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