Monday, 30 May 2011

Hottie cover in progress

After a quick sketch on the back of an envelope, a quick trawl through the scrap fabric boxes and a cup of tea, I got started on my hottie cover for the Hottie Challenge over at Curlypop's blog in aid of the Margaret Pratt Foundation Heart Lung Transplant Trust.

I'm still playing about with placement of the flowers etc. I'm sort of winging the sizes of the shapes. I cut out a circle for the red spotty yoyo hoping it would be the right size and as luck would have it, it was perfect.

I need to pin the layers of each side (upper layer + puffy lining + orange cotton layer) together but for now, I wanted to see how it would look. Have not decided on a colour for the bias binding yet.

It's looking quite nice so far. Quilting the layers together is the next task. Should be fun. It's a Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK (day off work, yay!!) but we're mostly spending the day indoors at home as it's miserable and wet outdoors.


  1. Quite nice?!! It's looking fab!!!

    Bad luck on the bank holiday weather - it's been an unpleasantly hot here; thunderstorms promised. Hope that means we'll get some rain too.

  2. Love it so far! I can't go past beautiful flowers of course.

  3. Thanks both! One side of the hottie cover is done. Have to do the other side now. Then it's a case of binding the edges and it's ready to post .... just hoping it won't take too long to get it done!


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