Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Jamie Dress as a tunic top

After my Sis Boom Jamie dress which I made not so long ago, I decided to make another one but this time shortened it to a tunic top.

I reduced the bottom part significantly so it is nowhere near as gathered as the dress was. It goes well with jeans.

I've had this Robert Kaufmann oriental print in my stash for a couple of years and there was just about enough to make a tunic top from. I did have to make the bottom half by piecing a few bits of fabric together. I'm pretty pleased with this one and it will get a lot of wear during the summer months I think.

Did you have a good weekend?
Did you watch the Royal Wedding? I was glued to the TV all morning on Friday. Wasn't that dress awesome?

Have a great week ahead, friends.


  1. Very pretty! We didn't plan to watch the royal wedding but ended up with the TV on all the same ;) it was a lovely dress! Actually reminded me of the one my mum wore ^_^

  2. Ady, I'm drooling over the fabric - very nice and a clever idea to crop the dress and take the fullness out.

    I saw bits of the wedding - I did like the dress (and Pippa's too) but what had me in stitches were some of those hats that the guests chose to wear (gotta admire their guts!). My father-in-law described Princess Beatrice's hat perfectly - he asked if she was auditioning for the Teletubbies!!! Such a shame as the rest of her outfit was very elegant.

  3. I love it! Just making it a tunic (and the fabric choice) really changes the whole look! I love the fabric!
    I tried to avoid the wedding, but did find myself NOT being able to look away in parts..and yes, her dress was gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous - and that fabric is devine!
    I spent the entire weekend celebrating my birthday. It was magic.

  5. What a lovely top, it really works as a tunic. I have some fat quarters from that line but I've never known what to do with them!

    I loved Philippa's dress but Kate's, not so much.


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