Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lovely combinations

Finding fabrics that look nice together - whether it's for a bag or a dress - is the most fun part of a project for me.

Here are my two latest zipaway totes. These are made with quilting cotton fabric. I'm almost done making this one which is a pairing of one of Michael Miller''s Dumb Dots with the flowers on brown from Timeless Treasures' Apple range .....

And will work on this one next which is a combination of two different Amy Butler prints.

Oooo - let me share one newly acquired bit of fabric for my stash with you. This is a Globaltex (previously called Clarks & Clarks) cotton duck home furnishing fabric called 'Scotties'. I found some on EBay.

How cute is that?!! I need to hunt through the rest of my stash to find the perfect partner fabric for this - I have no idea what I am going to make with this yet.

I hope your weekend is going fine wherever you are, friends.


  1. Those scottie dogs are really cute!! I've got a few bits and pieces in my stash that I also can't pair up with anything else at the moment - but something will come along eventually!

  2. I love those scotties! Where did you get it from? Want it, need it, must have it!


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