Wednesday, 7 July 2010

New Dress A Day ....

.... is a terrific blog by the very creative and resourceful Marisa. Back in December 2009, Marisa decided to take up a challenge which would allow her to be creative and build her a whole new wardrobe without stepping into the mall. Each day for the entire year, Marisa intends on introducing a new piece into her existing wardrobe which she has found in flea markets, thrift shops and garage sales. She has also limited herself to spending just $1 a day. So the challenge is simply this - 365 days, 365 items of clothing and 365 dollars. Today, she is on Day 220 with 145 days and $143 left to go. Marisa never ceases to amaze me with what she can do - the muu-muu refashion projects are the best!

So I was in our local thrift/ charity shop the other day when I spotted this dress. OK, so it wasn’t quite £1 … it was more like £2.50.

There were small holes at the bottom by the hem on the left side and it must have had a belt at one stage because it had belt loops on the side. I liked the print but did not like the length or the small holes. So I decided I would spend £2.50 on the dress and cut it up in true Marisa-style to make myself something new to add to my wardrobe. So I got it on my desk, pinned it and marked a new hem out.

Then snip-snip-snip ...

Sew a new hem at the bottom ....

And Ta-da! I have myself a nice, very comfy top to wear over jeans or work trousers. I kept the sleeves long so it would be a piece I can wear into autumn. Today I just rolled the sleeves up and wore it to work.

I was lucky this dress was a reasonably good fit so I didn’t have to do much else apart from cut 10 inches off the bottom of it. I think I'd like to find a nice belt to go with this.

Now, what do you think I could do with this ?!!


  1. Love the fabric and that's a great conversion.

    You know, I reckon you should ask Marisa what she's do with the kaftan ... bet she'd have some great ideas. I'm sure she'd go for a deeper V-neck and definitely make it into a tunic style top. The colours are good on you ... nice to see you not in just black, grey and white!!

  2. I love the black and white top! Not so sure about the other!! LOL.

  3. This top reminds me of dad's old shirt that was turned into cute woman's top. I don't know how mom did that, but she's just so excellent in reinventing things! Hhhmm.. Can she also turn a simple black and white top into something sophisticated?


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