Saturday, 17 July 2010

One Pretty Thing ...

... is a website which brings you daily inspiration from projects compiled from all over the internet. Rachel is One Pretty Thing's creator and she scours the internet to find the best projects and tutorials on all sorts of things.

My dinky zipaway tote tutorial got featured in One Pretty Thing's Friday's Daily DIY. Thanks Rachel!


If you get a chance, head on over to One Pretty Thing and check out the thousands of links to projects all over the internet Rachel's got on her website.


  1. I love that site!! Congrats!

  2. I love One Pretty Thing! Not only do I now have your fab tutorial bookmarked (I own a tote with that construction, but not great fabric, so now I can make ones in colours I love!!) but I also have another great blog to add to my list. I love the Bible verse you have on your blog header. When I first read that years ago it was like a mission statement for me!

  3. I saw you featured on One Pretty Thing and thought I'd comment to say I think the bags you make are adorable! What type of fabric do you use? I am so clueless when it comes to what is what but I have a really nice sewing machine and am trying to learn. I made a few cute (and simple!) aprons and am about to attempt curtains, but don't know about the correct type of fabric. Do you ever discuss fabrics?

  4. Thanks Fiona. Thanks Rachel.

    Sparklepetal (great handle BTW!) - I know what you mean about the verse. I read it years ago but never thought much about it and more recently read it again and it was like a clarion call.

    Hi Megan. I use quilting cotton almost all the time but do find some great curtain fabrics now and then which I use. I've not discussed fabrics - yet! Thanks for the suggestion. I think I shall make that a topic for a future post.


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