Sunday, 11 July 2010

One down, two to go

Dinoboy and I had the following conversation early last week ...

Dinoboy: Mummy, are you going to make my teachers some presents for the end of term?
Me: Teachers? I thought you only had one teacher - Miss L.
Dinoboy: Oh yeah - well she's the main teacher for my class but there are two others.
Me: Really?
Dinoboy: Yes. There is Miss T who teaches us Maths and there's Miss C who takes us for Languages.
Me: So what does Miss L do then?
Dinoboy: She takes us for Literacy of course. And she really likes purple.
Me: Okayyyy - so you want me to make presents for all of them?
Dinoboy: Well, it's only fair, isn't it? Maybe you can make them a bag or a purse each. But don't forget, Miss L REALLY likes purple.

I decided to go with zipaway totes this year as teacher appreciation gifts. Here is Miss L's reusable shopping tote.

I paired Alexander Henry's Yui Kokeshi in black with this purple and white dotted cotton.

I love how cute this looks when it's zipped away.

One down, two more to go. I best get a move on as the school year ends the week after next.


  1. The Alexander Henry fabric is just fabulous. One lucky teacher!! Hope you get the others done in time, but I'm guessing you've got this pattern down to a fine art now and that it doesn't take you too long. I always find that when I don't need to look at instructions things go much more quickly!

  2. Love that fabric!! Great job on the tote and the tute!!

  3. Lucky Miss L! Alexander Henry plus purple is definitely a winning combo in my opinion.

  4. Those are soo cool!! I love how they can be zipped away and I love the fabric!!

  5. It's certainly easier the more of these I make, Fiona. And this Alexander Henry print is one of my favourites of all time. Missy Moo believes that one of the little dolls is a representation of her.

    Thanks Angela.
    Thanks Clair.
    Thank you Rachel.


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