Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My creative space ...

.... is pretty empty this week as I'm trying to finish typing up a tutorial for my zipaway tote. I do have a few projects that I need to start or work on soon. There's a quilted playmat I would like to make for a colleague at work who is going off on maternity leave soon and there are a couple of zipaway totes I'd like to finish off for Dinoboy's teachers.

What I do have floating about on my table is this wee sketchbook. A couple of months ago, I started drawing mandalas of sorts.

They were just circular patterns that I just drew in marker pens. I would start with nothing much in mind and then just let the pen move and let the design grow. It started out as a bit of fun - a little something to while away a few minutes. I discovered it was quite a calming exercise and if I felt like it, I'd colour them in like this one.

I hadn't planned on using them for anything in particular but the thought struck me the other day that I could scan these patterns and print them out onto iron-on transfer paper. I could then use them either on totes or tshirts - they'd look great on a cream calico tote don't you think?

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Have a creative day, friends.


  1. woah holy cow!! that looks fantastic! it so perfect! it must have taken forever to do...

  2. I've not tried that iron-on transfer paper ... sound like a great idea though and the mandalas would look fantastic on a T-shirt.

  3. your mandalas are beautiful and they would look wonderful on bags and t-shirts ... i so wish i could draw anything.
    My Creative Space

  4. They are beautiful! I can't wait for the zip tote tutorial!


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