Sunday, 18 July 2010

The third of three

Here's the last of the three teacher appreciation gifts I am making for Dinoboy's 3 teachers this year. Dinoboy wrote out three thank you cards this evening. School doesn't finish for this academic year until Friday but he is very keen to take these in for his three teachers.

Here is the tote opened up - this is a very blue tote. I sure hope his teacher likes blue!

And here is the base .....

Finally, this is the tote all zipped up and ready to be wrapped.

These totes are fun to make and I'm really enjoying putting bits of fabric together to see what combinations I can come up with for more zipaway totes. I've just cut the fabric for two more of these totes - will show you in a future post.


  1. Fantastic Ady! I think my favourite is the first one you made (I have a soft spot for that fabric).

    I was just thinking how much things have changed over the years. OK, so technology has transformed children's lives in many ways... how to explain to them that we didn't have computes (let alone laptops) or cell phones or video games...??? But taking presents in for teachers is also a fairly recent phenomenon as far as I know! That seems to put extra pressure and expense on parents. I'm sure Dinoboy's teachers will love these totes and that they will stand out from their other 'teacher appreciation' gifts (I'm still reeling at the thought).

    You've done a great job, Ady. Maybe check with Dinoboy shortly after the start of the school year how many teachers he has so that you can plan ahead for next year!!

  2. Molto belle le tue idee! Grazie mille per i tutorials! Thanks! Ciao pia

  3. I think these bags are just great! You've crafted them beautifully!

  4. Thanks Fiona. I think it was my own fault for setting a precedent of making bags as the end of year teacher gift when Dinoboy first started school. I think the teachers at his school normally get flowers or chocolates. handmade bags seemed a nice idea!

    Grazie Pia. Spero che vi piaccia il mio blog.

    Thanks Angela. They are quite fun to make and I just love the zip away factor.


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